You can get involved in the game and influence the story!

Divine Favor

With each bit you cheer with the Divine Favor meter goes up.  When it reaches capacity, a dice is rolled to determine which player receives the favor.  Once the gods have spoken, the chosen player rolls a d6 to determine which of these favors they receive:

  1. Divine Inspiration: Grants one inspiration credit
  2. Supreme Fortune: One re-roll of any single to-hit, ability check, or saving throw.
  3. Perfect Skill: A nat 20 that can be used as any ability check. Ability bonuses still apply.
  4. Critical Hit: A nat 20 that can be used on any to-hit roll
  5. Supernatural Protection: Guaranteed success on any one saving throw
  6. Devine Efficacy: A d20 roll that can be added to one single damage or healing