V&V Ep. 10

We see the party is still inside the temple of Glasia. The Priestess Shaerine, a beautiful woman in chains and a shackled collar around her scarred neck, agrees to show the party a way through the temple. She is intrigued … Read More

V&V Ep. 9….Memories

As the party leaves the battle, they gather above the city gate. The lights and sounds remind Krisztian of a memory… —-*memory* There is a young boy looking at him, beaming as he does so. He playfully tells him of … Read More

Ep. 5 – The Reaper

We return to the mysterious Island where we see Matthias and Krisztian both opening containers. Searching through the chest, Krisztian finds a number of gold coins and gems, waterlogged books, and scrolls including one with the red spiral glyph of … Read More

V&V Ep 4: Evil Calls to Evil

The episode begins with Matthias, Krizstian, and Mavari aboard her family’s pirate ship, The Scarlet Revenge, propelled by a large tentacled creature living in the lowest deck and seemingly gives them safe passage within the lands of Luz.  In the … Read More

Our story begins…

The city of Dorakka was in sinful anticipation as the rites of Ooze was about to happen, and the Bone Citadel was the place to be for all your sinister delights.  Yet Matthias found a lack of revelry and a … Read More

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