Across all our shows, many gifted and generous artists have granted permission for us to showcase their work. When you see something in one of our games, please look here to find the creator – and connect with them to tell them how much you love their work.   Please, if you fail to find work used in any of our shows credited here, please message us so that we can fix the problem and give proper attribution. Honoring our artists is so important to us!


The gorgeous high-detail maps of Greyhawk are the work of cartographer Anna B. Meyer, and are used here under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Please see more of her work on Greyhawk and other fantasy worlds at and consider becoming a supporter on Patreon at 


Celtic Compass Star, Travelers Pack – Artwork used by permission. You can find Deven Rue on Twitter. Please visit her website at to view more of her fantastic creations and consider becoming a supporter on Patreon at


Mega Dungeon on Parchment map used in Classic Crawls logo – Map created by Dyson Logos with an artistic touch from Deven Rue’s parchment. Find more amazing cartography and map work by Dyson Logos at, find him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @DysonLogos Please consider being a supporter on Patreon for Dyson at


Classic Crawls, Tales From the Green Dragon, and Vile & Villainous​ logo designs and streaming overlay designs by Deana Bechard, follow her on Twitter & Instagram @liqquidfire

Return to Greyhawk​ logo design and original streaming overlay designs came from Elven Tower Cartography – our dear friend Derek Von Zarovich. Please follow him on Twitter @ElvenTower, and check out his mad map making and adventure crafting skillz at Once you’ve had a chance to benefit from his wide array of resources – including on the DM’s Guild, I’m betting you’ll want to support him at

Ongoing updates to current overlays for to Return to Greyhawk and additional Twitch layout design and visual assets created by Deana Bechard. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @liqquidfire



Many talented artists have granted permission for us to use their fantasy portrait art in our PC, NPC, and monster gameboard tokens:

Alesa, Elara, Emma – Character portrait art by Charlie Bowater, used by permission. Please check out more of her amazing work at her website and her DeviantArt page and please consider becoming a sponsor of her work via Patreon at

Luciano, Nilly, Merrick, Kalic, Kirian, Bosque, Basteux, Freya, Rosella – Character portrait art by Sharandula, used by permission. Please check out more of her amazing work at her DeviantArt page, and please consider becoming a sponsor of her work via Patreon at

Merilith – Character portrait art by Tamika, used by permission. Please check out more of her amazing work at her DeviantArt page and check out her very reasonable rates for commissioned character portraits.

Tasha – Character portrait art by Fernanda Suarez, used by permission. Please check out more of her amazing work at her DeviantArt page, and please consider becoming a sponsor of her work via Patreon at

Treyghar, Robillar, Yrag, Adalie, Benignus, Dagnar, – Character portrait art by Servia D, used by permission. Please check out more of her amazing work at or Her character commission rates are great!

Mordenkainen – Character portrait art by Serene Yoshiko, used by permission. Please check out more of her amazing work at her DeviantArt page and on Facebook at Her portraits run 50-90$ for personal use and more for commercial, and it depends on size and detail/outfit etc.

Helenna, Rigby – Character portrait art by Karyn Lewis, used by permission. Please check out more of her amazing work at and her beautiful coloring books and other products at

Donovon – Character portrait art by Neirr, used by permission. Please check out more of her amazing work at

Veshara, Valaris – Character portrait art by Jon Pintar, used by permission. Please check out more of his amazing work at

Sir Reynald – Character portrait art by Sara Campolo, used by permission. Please check out more of her amazing work at



All music, ambients, and sound effects from Tabletop Audio are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Please visit for more info and awesome RPG soundscapes, and consider supporting their Patreon at



Amazing music and rich soundscapes from BattleBards are gratefully enjoyed here through the BattleBards Podcasters Audio License. Do yourself a favor and go sign up for their service at – its well worth it! See the list below for individual credits:

Mike Bridge: Dark Elf City – Morndingur – Score Music

Richard Daskas: Druids Grove – Life Answers – Score Music

Otto Orion: Dwarf Temple – The Soul Forging – Score Music

Richard Daskas: Dwarf Temple – Stone Father Hymn – Score Music

Rene van Tol: Giants On The War March – Earth Shakers Go To War – Score Music

Richard Daskas: Underground Lake City – Lightness Shores – Score Music

Mike Bridge: Dark Elf Temple – A Prayer to Lloth – Source Music

GoofParade: Dwarf Temple – Prayer Eternal – Source Music

ThatBeatMusic: Dwarf Temple – Hear Us All-Father – Source Music

GoofParade: Elven Dirge – Mennai Um Vela Ata – Source Music

Richard Daskas: Gnome Celebration – Barlen – Source Music

Mike Bridge: Halfling Camp – Hear ye All You Rascals – Source Music

Pablo Betancourt: Orc War March – The Hoard Marches – Source Music

David Suárez Torre: Haunted Cemetery – Corrupted Innocence – Score Music

Stephane Lorello: Orc Feast – The Tale of Spine Breaker – Source Music

Phil Archer: Sheikh’s Tent – Dance of the Nine Veils – Source Music

David Suárez Torre: Sheikh’s Tent – Sweat And Silk – Source Music – David Suárez Torre.wav

Filippo Buresta: Underground Lake City – The Caverns of Eternity – Score Music

Giacomo Rita: Sheikh’s Tent – In the Sultan’s Court – Source Music

Lois Paton: Sheikh’s Tent – Oasis – Source Music

Marc Cholette: Dark Elf City – Black Towers of the Spider Queen – Score Music

Marc Cholette: Druid’s Grove – Maiden of the Wild – Score Music

Marc Cholette: Underground Lake City – The World Beneath The World – Score Music

Marc Cholette: Giants on the War March – The Mountain Makers – Source Music

Marc Cholette: Gnome Celebration – Gnome Fete – Source Music

Mark Stothard: Elven Dirge – The Passing of the Elves – Score Music

Mark Stothard: Haunted Cemetery – The Grave of Asag – Score Music

Novak Cuic: Haunted Cemetery – Festering Heart of Evil – Score Music

Novak Cuic: Orc Feast – Joining the Hoard – Source Music

Olivier Girardot: Haunted Cemetery – Unhallowed Cemetery – Score Music

Olivier Girardot: Orc War March – Land of the Orcs – Source Music

Phil Archer: Elven Dirge – Qi Taelnna – Score Music

Phil Archer: Haunted Cemetery – Restless Souls – Score Music

Phil Archer: Dark Elf Temple – Supplicant to Demons and Web – Source Music

Phil Archer: Orc Feast – Table of the Chieftan – Source Music

Phil Stokes: Elven Dirge – Fallen Petals – Score Music

Philippe Payet: Elven Dirge – Farewell – Score Music

Rafael Hofstadter: Giants on the War March – Titan’s Parade – Score Music

Rafael Hofstadter: Gnome Celebration – Gnomish Battle of the Bands – Source Music

Richard Daskas: Escaping the Sacking of Home – Score Music

Richard Daskas: Dark Elf City – Home of the Fallen Elves – Score Music

Richard Daskas: Elven Dirge – I Lament – Score Music

Richard Daskas: Haunted Cemetery – Cemetery of Shattered Minds – Score Music

Richard Daskas: Halfling Camp – Thats Alright Thats OK – Source Music

Richard Daskas: Orc War March – Army of Savagery – Source Music

Richard Daskas: Orc Feast – Orc Holiday – Source Music

Mystix Instrumentals: Halfling Camp – Camp of the Lightfoots – Source Music