V&V Ep 4: Evil Calls to Evil

The episode begins with Matthias, Krizstian, and Mavari aboard her family’s pirate ship, The Scarlet Revenge, propelled by a large tentacled creature living in the lowest deck and seemingly gives them safe passage within the lands of Luz.  In the early morning hours, Mavari saw her chance to finally get some answers from Krizstian as to why the Library sent him to be in her service and if he was a spy or assassin, a bad one by her accounts, but one nevertheless.  Krizstian explains to her that he worked at the Library for many years and wished for nothing more then to live among the trees and fresh open water, but one day the librarians simply handed him a letter that bound him to her as a servant and it was something he didn’t want but it was a job he was given.  Krizstian then explains to Mavari he only wants to show his worth, to earn it, not only to her but to also the other pirates of the ship and how he wished to be one.  With this new information, Mavari gives Krizstian two options; he can show is worth and usefulness as a member of the crew or he can leave the ship when they next land at port.  And with that, she rips the contract letter up in front of him.  His first order of business…to see if her father has any tasks for him, “because if he doesn’t kill you it should be fine.”


Matthias, seeing Mavari free for the moment, asks for a private conversation and she promptly takes him to her cabin.  There Matthias tells her the rest of Paach’s plan and how he wants the stones for some unknown reason and that these stones are connected to the Chained god.  He would like her and Krizstian to continue to work for him, as he would need aid once he reaches Delaquenn.  With his plan explained and Mavari on board, Matthias heads to the deck where Captain Blight calls him over for a quick chat.  He warns Matthias that his family are his priority and whatever is happening in Delaquenn or Molag better not come back on him or Mavari.  With this warning and threat given, Matthias leaves to head below deck where the stone in it’s pouch starts humming!  A strong feeling of fight or flight almost over takes him!  Sensing it must be the stone, Matthias darts to his bunk and begins to examines the stone.  A feeling of intense unease creeps into his mind as he feels a sudden pull in the direction of the side of the ship.  Rushing to his feet he lets the feeling guide him to the top deck.  Frantically  he searches, eyes darting across the open waters looking for any point to work with, and then everyone sees a bright flame spark atop a black spire!  A small island emerges in the distance.  Fighting the urge to jump ship and swim over to it, he shouts for the captain to make a detour, sailing as near as possible. Matthias, Mavari and Krizstian take a rowboat the rest of the way.


Now on the island, Matthias waste no time and walks ahead of the group, almost running up the walkway to a large stone structure covered in hot flames with a red spiral glyph of the Chained god in the center.  Agitated and unsure of what to do, Matthias once again begins his frantic search.  Krizstian free from this feeling takes a more detailed look around while Mavari stays further back, holding the contraption she made to carry the black stone in without touching it.  She notices it is also buzzing as they grow closer to the pyre.  With uncertainty rising and becoming even more distraught, Matthias casts a spell to suddenly appear in the flames and a feeling of intense heat hits him but he also notices he is not burning.  He then slams the rock onto the glyph and the flames vanish!  At that point, Krizstian notices a crumbling alter with another red spiral glyph atop it on another part of the island. Wasting no time and still out of sorts, Matthias heads to the altar.  Furious at not knowing what to do, Matthias slams the stone onto the crumbling altar, almost knocking it off the cliff but to no effect.  Infuriated, Matthias starts shouting blasphemous words to the Chained god before toppling the altar, shouting he will not be a plaything of the gods again!  The shifted altar reveals a strange tentacled create design carved into the stone with small holes at the end of each appendage.  Feeling the stone vibrate even louder, Matthias puts the stone inside one of the holes with Krizstian doing the same with the one from Mavari’s contraption.  Once both stones are in place, the group hears a wailing coming from a nearby cave.


Making the way to the cave entrance, Krizstian darts ahead making sure the way is safe.  Wishing to prove his abilities and reassure Captain Blight, Krizstain sends a magical message to him via a fish.  As he’s busy casting the spell, Matthias rushes into the cave and he finds a closed sarcophagus.  Still angry, he pulls off the lid and reveals an old skeleton.  Before he has a chance to fully investigate, a spirit of the dead woman appears wearing a fine robe with chains around her neck with black stones affixed to them.  Angrily she asks, “Why did you wait so long?!  Why did you keep him waiting?!”  Suddenly rising out of the water, a bulbous, tentacled monster, making the same wailing noise that the group heard earlier.  Matthias, Krizstian and Mavari are assaulted by these creatures, but Krizstian’s quick movements and crack shots along with the aid of both Matthias and Mavari, the creatures are quickly defeated.  Left panting and very worse for wear, the group is left wondering what’s in the box?


Thus ends episode 4 Evil Calls to Evil, tune in next week to find out more.

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