Ep. 5 – The Reaper

We return to the mysterious Island where we see Matthias and Krisztian both opening containers. Searching through the chest, Krisztian finds a number of gold coins and gems, waterlogged books, and scrolls including one with the red spiral glyph of the Chained God upon the cover. Meanwhile, Matthias opens the tomb where the ghost appeared and inside is a corpse wrapped in a black cloak with their hands wrapped around their neck. Matthias, only interested in powerful or arcana items, uses his innate ability to detect magic. The area around the hands expands into an inky black cloud where Matthias can feel himself being once again drawn in (just like with the blackstones). Feeling his senses being pulled, Matthias angrily and frantically grabs at the bones and begins to pull them out of the tomb, throwing them behind him and shouting insults to the body and to the gods quite loudly. Doing this reveals a silver necklace around the corpses neck. Affixed to the necklace are five black stones in a row. Seeing this, he rips a piece of cloth from the corpse and picks the necklace up all the while shouting blasphemous words not only about the chained god but to all the gods and proceeds to walk to the water’s edge. He attempts to throw the whole thing into the ocean. Mavari hears this and walks over to Matthias and explains the job to him and how they are not giving the stones to Paach. Matthias shouts that he will never be someone’s pawn again, his face a now twisted visage and his hair long and ashen grey. With Mavari’s persistence Matthias seems to calm down and throws the necklace behind Mavari back into the cave and storms off. In a flash, Krisztian, with his superior speed has the necklace with the stones in his hands stating everything found should go to Captain Blight. He places the necklace into the bag and Mavari leaves the cave, but Krisztian is determined to leave no stone unturned and continues to search. He dives into the water and finds a small hole near the shallow end of the water were he locates a number of bones and a strange hilt with a curved blade like that of a scimitar, undamaged but with primordial runes inscribed onto it. With the amount of time Krisztian has spent in the Library he is able to make out the runes’ meaning. One side of the blade simply reading  “Tharizdun” and the other reading “eats all.” With everything seemingly found, they head back to the Scarlet Revenge. Back on the ship, Krisztian gives Captain Blight the gems and coins he found on the Island as well as the sword. Mavari explains she could fix up it up quite nicely and with that they once again set sail to Delaquenn.

In the City of Delaquenn, a Drow is sharply awoken by a buzzing sound. Inside Xilphiir’s head is a disturbing and pain ridden voice. She grabs a locket from her side table, opens it up, and in the mirror is a hideous visage: a face with the nose and lower lip missing, parts of their skull showing. This is the now disfigured face of Paach, he tells her this is the face of those who have “displeased The Old One” and asks Xilphiir if she is ready to set in motion the mission she was placed in Delaquenn for. She replies, “…if it is the one that will help me rise within my station, then yes,” Paach explains to her that their sights are set on the Horned Society and the Hierarchs. The Old One will march on Molag and he will reclaim it once again, but due to recent events within the Bone Palace, The Old One will not tolerate any more surprises. He wishes to know the true identity of the hierarchs to see if they are still human, transcended into monstrous beings, or if they have been replaced by Fiends. She is to infiltrate the Temple of Nerull and find Ghutra’s orb of seeing. Once she finds the orb, she can uncover the true identity of the hierarchs. She is told she will find aid in a group of pirates which she is to meet soon.

Two weeks pass and Mavari, Matthias, and Krisztian make their way toward Delaquenn. As the city rises on the horizon, Captain Blight asks Mavari what her mission is and she simply tells him “to help Matthias find some items, but you know the real reason I go into cities, ” and Captain Blight agrees. He expresses  they will find “him” someday and hands Mavari a red gem given to him by Krisztian. Meanwhile, Matthias stands by the side of the ship where he hears a message in his mind from Paach. Paach tells him to head to the Swinging Scythe tavern and find a drow and to do what she tells him. Matthias asks if either Mavari or Krisztian know of the place and once the ship makes port, Mavari quickly takes the lead and heads off in the direction of the tavern. Upon entering the tavern owned by sister hags and manned by an ogre, Krisztian wastes no time in heading to the bar. He pours his whole gold purse onto the counter, shouting “drinks for everyone!” and everyone inside the tavern cheers. With the focus now on Krisztian, Matthias meets with Xilphiir and introduces her to everyone. She explains the plan and how there is no exact timeline, but the sooner the better. Krisztian mentions to everyone that with his years working within the Library, he could use that to gain access into the temple and maybe even get a tour to get the lay of the land. This to be a good idea they agree and leave Krisztian to his infiltration of the Temple of Nerull.

Krisztian makes his way to the Temple of Nerull and finds it open to all. Upon entering into a large entrance way, he is hit with the scent of blood and in the centre is a butched body seemingly ritually killed. As the visitors leave the temple, Krisztian makes his way to an old priest and asks to be shown to the library. He is lead down a few stairs to a well stocked room of books and old scrolls but little else. Without much information, Krisztian heads back to the Scarlet Revenge and a discussion is had between all involved on their best course of action. Matthias explains with the law being so harsh in Delaquenn it would be easy to frame a member of the Temple of Nerull for heresy for worshiping The Chained God. They see a young man dressed in the robes of the Temple of Nerull among many other customers. Mavari wastes no time and bribes one of the hag sisters to give her information on any of the priests who stay at the tavern and what they tend to enjoy. The hag tells them of the priest sitting at the bar and his very strange and uncommon tastes. Xilphiir suggest she could read his mind if he was engaged in conversation that would allow her to find any information that might lead to their goal. Mavari walks back to Matthias who was waiting at the bar and she tells him to chat up the Priest and talk about his favored topics, especially where he might go after such activities are done. Agreeing to this strange request, Matthias sits closer to the young priest and a conversation of a multitude of carnal pleasures is had.

Thus ends Episode 5 of Vile & Villainous The Reaper, tune in next time to see what happens!

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