Ep 6: The Nerull’s Basement

We find the party in the Swinging Scythe tavern, save for Krisztian, who is on his way back to the Tavern after scoping out the Temple. Matthias continues to converse with the strange man with “unique” interests. We discover that the man is the Underpriest at the Temple, which he is proud to admit. Matthias attempts to persuade the man that his extracurricular activities would be all the more thrilling if they were to explore them within the Temple. The Underpriest is interested, but insists that all activities done in the Temple must still be a sacrifice for Nerull, as he is always watching. Matthias continues to appeal to the Underpriest’s unique appetite and implies that he would like to watch the man commit his strange ritual on a Tiefling within the temple. The Underpriest eventually agrees, but says that they would need to leave immediately or wait until the next shift change, when the Priestess Gutera would be absent. They agree to meet at dawn.

Krisztian runs back into the tavern, and begins frantically plucking the feathers off of geese on top of a table. The sisters who own the tavern ask him to cease, as it is not okay to bring your own food inside their place of business. He insists that they are for spell components. The two go back and forth for a bit until Mavari kicks Krisztian under the table. Mavari speaks up and says “Your sister has a charmed coin!” The old woman is interested, and responds out of jealousy. Mavari says that she can give her a coin which she could use to charm her sister. The woman turns, looks back at the goose quickly, and returns to the bar where she waits for her sister to return.

Matthias and the Underpriest get another round of drinks.

The sisters face each other and the one with the new coin says … “ehm… I charm you, sister.” The charmed one begins to sing, plops her large rump on the edge of the bar, kicks a leg up, and performs for the entire tavern. The entire tavern is amused and begins to watch. She reaches into a very dark hiding place on her person and pulls out her own charmed coin, which she gives over to her sister.

Matthias and the Underpriest agree to meet at dawn, and the Underpriest leaves. Muvari and Xilphiir wait a bit and return to her ship. Matthias leaves after them, allowing enough time to pass to not appear to be leaving with them. Krisztian stealthily follows behind the Underpriest and tails him to his home. He unlocks the door, hides in a closet, and attempts to see if he can hear anyone moving within the house. He silently sneaks throughout the home and takes note of anything that could be of interest about this man.

Mavari and Xilphiir wait on her ship. Mavari asks Xilphiir how she came to be in the service of Paach. Xilphiir implies that she and Paach have a mutual understanding which will eventually assist her in her own personal endeavour. She notes that Mavari seems like the type of person that would be useful to keep around. Mavari appreciates this and comes on to Xillphiir, which she declines as they have a job to do. Matthias returns to the ship and scrubs his skin frantically in an attempt to cleanse his thoughts of the disgusting act he is about to do. Mavari expresses her concern about being tied up and possibly sacrificed. Matthias begins to bind Mavari in ropes in a way that she should be able to escape if necessary. Krisztian arrives just as she is being tied up. He changes his appearance to look like one of the many priests he saw in the Temple, using a robe he stole from the Underpriest’s home. Xilphiir makes herself invisible, and the group walks to the temple. The Underpriest meets them outside and invites them in. He asks the two guards inside to give them some space, which they do. The Underpriest, a bound Mavari, and Matthias make their way into a room that is their main observation point. There are three portals with a mist that shows different views of the town, depending on where it is focused. Matthias and the man leave Mavari inside the room and continue down a hall and into another corridor. Xilphiir, still invisible, follows behind. The Underpriest proudly states that the room is often used a way to extract information from people. Matthias convinces the man to touch a statue at the end of the room. The statue begins to rise, it’s eyes flaming. It reaches out and tries to touch the Underpriest. At the other end of the room and vaporous figure appears and lets out a cry. Matthias runs out, with Xilphiir following behind. They leave the man inside to die, as they just barely escape. Krisztian and Mavari follow the sound of cries and meet Xilphiir and Matthias breathing heavily in front of the closed doors. Krisztian probes them for information on what lies beyond the doors, insisting that the Orb could be inside. They ignore his questions and plan to continue on throughout the temple, with Mavari and Matthias waiting as Krisztian and Xilphiir explore the rooms on this floor. The two set out into a room where they see butchered body parts, a giant humanoid figure in a cage, and a person sharpening tools at a table. Krisztian whizzes past them, explores the remainder of the room, and whizzes back out. Xilphiir barely makes her way past the being that has escaped from it’s cage, and runs out of the room. She is followed by the two people, but is able to return to the rest of her party before they see which door she has entered. The party insists they they continue exploring, but cannot decide if they should return to the rooms they have already seen or make their way deeper into the temple. Xilphiir is hesitant to explore on her own, as she is now powerful enough on her own to defend herself if she is caught. She suggests that they continue on together. The party still cannot decide, but know that the temple is aware of their presence and soon they will have people searching for them. They must act fast.

Thus ends Episode 6 of Vile & Villainous.  

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