Ep 7: Visions

Mavari, Krisztian, Matthias, and Xilphiir are under pressure to decide on their next course of action. They are still in the temple, and know that others are aware that something is amiss. Krisztian asks Matthias if they should continue on, since it was his plan to seduce his way into the temple and it has gone sour. Xilphiir states that should would prefer to not explore alone, and Krisztian poses that he could sneak through the room we left the Underpriest (Krylic) in and steal a robe from him, assuming he is dead or injured. He makes his way through the hallway we left Krelic in and sees he is nowhere to be found. Krisztian opens a door and finds a room full of strange chains bolted to the wall, human-shaped boxes made of stone, and a wooden door across the room. He sticks to wall, makes his way to the door, and tries to open it. The door opens to reveal a hallway with chains spanning the distance of the room. At the end of the room is a large skeletal figure, attached to the wall by chains. Krisztian sees Krylic in front of the figure, his hair has changed to a shocking white color and he is writhing on the floor moaning. He starts to drag Krylic’s body and sees an imp and a cloaked man at the other end of the hallway. Krisztian tries to persuade the man that he works at the temple and was summoned to gather Krylic’s body. The man sees through his lie and Krisztian quickly decides to tell the truth. He cuts the man off as he tries to respond and shoots him with an arrow. He tries to persuade the imp to aid us, but it does not comply. Krisztian is injured badly and is barely able to make it back to the room where the rest of the party waits. Once they hear what has transpired, they agree it is time to leave. They look to Xilphiir, as this is her operation, and she agrees it is time to go. While they attempt to leave, the imp and the tiefling that injured Krisztian appear in the main corridor. Krisztian casts multiple fog clouds in their direction to blind them. Mavari, Matthias, and Xilphiir feel their way up the stairs and to the door. Krisztian shoots his hand crossbow at the Tiefling. Before leaving, the party is at odds on whether or not to move the body or just to leave the mess they’ve made. Krisztian reminds them that his name is written on the Tiefling’s body, so they’re screwed anyway. Matthias suddenly asks Mavari for one of the black stones and says he is going to plant it on Krylic’s body. He assures us that he will be able to make it there and back unbothered. Xilphiir casts invisibility on both her and Mavari and they return to her ship with Krizstian, who is still untraceable. Matthias shows his darker, magnificent, fallen-angel side to the imp and is able to convince it to obey him in exchange for a favor to be given later in time.

Matthias returns to the ship with the imp and the party calculates what would be at risk if they return to the temple tonight. The imp pressures them into believing that if they do not return immediately, they will have to wait weeks or months for the chaos they caused tonight to settle down. Mavari asks her sisters to go into town and begin to spread rumors of Krylic and the black stone. Matthias asks to have a word in private with Xilphiir and attempts to find out what she desires in her life, presumably in order to convince her that they should abandon the current quest and leave. She expresses her desire for power and nearly reveals everything that has been taken from her. She says that her relationship with Paach is one of mutual understanding, and that ultimately he has promised a way to aid her in the revenge that she needs. Matthias is pleased to hear this and assures Xilphiir that he and the group could help her. Meanwhile, Mavari and Krisztian speak to the imp and get the idea that they could use it to sneak back into the temple. Matthias still wishes to leave, but Krisztian and Mavari are able to convince the rest of the party that now is the time to go and that they should be able to easily sneak back in with the assistance of the imp.

Mavari and Xilphiir stay on the ship so that Xilphiir may hold her concentration on the invisibility spell she cast on the Krisztian and Matthias. As they sneak through the streets on the way back to temple, they notice how empty and motionless the town is. They enter the temple, the imp makes a scene in front of his dead master to create a distraction. They enter the room that leads to Gutera’s chambers and the imp creates a diversion so Krisztian and Matthias can attempt to bypass the acolyte and golem that inhabit the room. They are able to slip by and make their way to the room that holds the orb. Neither are sure how it is to be used, and so Krisztian touches it first.~ He suddenly smells earth, soil, books, and realizes he is picturing his library. He then smells smoke and can hear crackling. He hears an alarm bell. His vision clears and he sees in the distance a flickering orange light. A child runs towards him. It is a child he recognizes. He is panting. He reaches out and disappears. ~ He turns to Matthias and says he should try. Matthias places his hand upon it. ~He’s standing in a bedchamber. He sees an ornate bed decorated with carved stag heads, lush purple curtains, and a large table. A man dressed in purple and red is standing before him. The man is radiating the personality of power and royalty. By the window is another tall and thin man. The men are speaking to each other about the Horned Lands falling. A man with a limp begins to walk towards the King, it is a limp Matthias knows well. He sees the man’s face. He knows the face. ~ Matthias tells Krisztian to try again, he will not be able to use it. He begins beating into the wal next to him out of anger and frustration. Krisztian tells the orb he would like to see the Hierarchs and then touches the orb.

Thus ends episode 7 of Vile & Villainous.

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