Secrets of Castle Greyhawk

November 22, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

In Secrets of Castle Greyhawk, adventurers explore a dungeon built on the stories of the actual real-life Castle Greyhawk run by Gary Gygax back in the ’70’s. This version of the dungeon keeps versions of the more famous areas, such as the fountain of snakes and the god trap, and adds in other elements from the D&D cartoon and other ’80’s D&D products.

The campaign uses some old school rules. Gold is converted into experience points, and the heroes must spend a week training before they actually gain a level.

The adventurers are collectively known as The Iron Dabbers:

  • (Doug) Gusamon: A svirfneblin druid that is obsessed with fungi.
  • (Chloe) Aurora: A noble paladin with a mysterious background.
  • (Dylan) Gundar: A surly dwarf cleric with tattoos covering his body.
  • (Kikka) Lyrtia: A carefree rogue who wields the Sword of the Magus.

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