Path of the Planes episode 13: Towers & Torment

Having successfully stolen a hellfire Engine and fleeing the battlefied, the heroes – now joined by an older, more serious Shallot – had just crossed the divide between the Nine Hells and the Abyss, when the erinyes Reyha flew down in front of their newly-acquired hellfire engine to talk.

Shallot got out and began speaking with her, questioning her motives and sincerity, while quietly laying down a magic circle, calling fiends. The spell flared to life, and the erinyes was trapped in it.

With some rather overzealous encouragement from Bruilinde, Odos happily revved up the hellfire engine, and proceeded to steamroll over her a few times before leaving her alive, but trapped. Before they left, Bruilinde knelt by her and let her know they could have killed her, but chose mercy. Next time they would not.

Bruilinde could sense the location of the tower in which Treygar Hax was trapped, and the group headed toward it. During the journey, the heroes discovered that the engine had vibrating seats, a cup holder, and a foot bath. Oh, and a conveniently gnomish-sized storage cupboard…..

Shallot was quietly still convinced that the heroes needed to abaandon this mission to go and meet with Mordenkainen. He actually tried to trick them into putting their hands together so he could cast a spell that would transport them to Mordenkainen.

Bruilinde figured out what he was trying to do. Odos was furious, and threatened him with bodily harm.

Then, 4 chasmes swooped toward the engine and attacked. The battle was perilous, with most of the group fighting on the roof of the engine while Odos stayed inside and used the weapons of the engine to injure the demons.

After a hard-fought battle, the adventurers were able to defeat the assailants, only to find a massive horde of demons heading their way.

Shallot urged the group to flee to Mordenkainen. Bruilinde, knowing she could not keep up with the healing, was grudgingly leaning towards it….Odos was against the idea. The horde advanced….
(synopsis by Powerscorerpg)

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