Path of the Planes Episode 14: Surrounded & Hounded

The heroes were surrounded by a demonic horde. Shallot and Bruilinde exited the hellfire engine and addressed them. The demons wanted the group to meet with Pazuzu, the demon lord who ruled over this abyssal layer.

The group quietly decided that they should put the piece of the ashen staff somewhere safe. Shallot teleported to Riksta, apprentice of Mordenkainen, and left it with him.

The adventurers cast hallucinatory terrain over the hellfire engine and were led to Pazuzu’s lair. The demon lord’s throne room wad many demonic guards – vrocks, a goristro, and even a marilith.

Pazuzu became enraged when he found out that the group didn’t have the third piece of the ashen staff. The demon lord had taken the other two pieces from Treygar Hax, and had assumed that he would be able to bargain with the heroes to obtain the third piece.

The adventurers were stunned and placed in heated prison cells. Treygar Hax was in a cell near them, as was Rouette. The whole block was guarded by a glabrezu. Bruilinde traded jabs with the blonde sorceress, until Shallot, annoyed by the delay, cast Phantasmal Killer on here – and began to wrack her with pain in full view of Treygar, who until now had been insulting and spitting curses at Lux. Treygar begged him to stop, revealing how much of a tool her pain could be.

Suddenly, devils attacked the tower, trying to free Treygar Hax. A horned devil burst into the cell block and battled the glabrezu. The heroes used dimension door spells to escape their cells, and unlocked their allies. Odos stunned Treygar with a punch, rendering him paralyzed. Lux approached him quietly, with malice in her eyes. Covering his mouth with her hand, she used a cantrip to spray acid down his throat; then as he suffered in agaonizing pain, she used the cell keys, placed between her fingers, to stab Treygar over and over in the face until he died, slumped against the floor. The party had conquered both of their adversaries.

The heroes fled to the throne room, where devils were attacking the demons. The group snatched their gear and the two other pieces of the staff. Shallot used his magic watch to teleport the heroes back to Mordenkainen’s obsidian tower on Oerth.

At last, the group could rest. Shallot shared his origin with Bruilinde after she explained and eulogized Heinrich to him, while Odos confessed his feelings for Lux, who cried; though she said nothing, she held his hand and smiled.

After a rest, Riksta told the group there was more work to be done. Mordenkainen had tried and failed to become an ur-mage in the valley of the mage. He’d been shattered into many pieces. The group would need to find these pieces and “reassemble” the legendary wizard, so that he could use the ashen staff to end the threat of Tharizdun for good.

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