Path of the Planes : The Movie (two-part side story)

This was a two-part side story run by guest DM Grant Ellis when DM Shane was out. He called these shows “Mordenkainen’s Path of the Planes: The Movie” and noted that it may not be canon. In both parts, @GamingdotEXP played SHallot & Ramsey; in Part 2, @CapricornCross played Artyom.

Part I

The adventurers were in Hell doing battle in the blood war. The group had been trying to protect a second Hellfire Engine until it could be activated, by driving an Engine they had taken control of towards it..

Suddenly, all of hell froze over, literally sheathed in ice. Only the heroes were spared. Lux, in the cabin of the Engine, suddenly found a gnome – with a sheep! – sitting next to her. His name was Shallot, and the sheep – who was quite sentient – was Ramsey. Shallot claimed to be a planar protector and that there were other versions of himself living in a citadel. The heroes were wary of him but ultimately allowed him to accompany them on their quest.

To the party’s amazement, a floating stairwell appeared…down from which came the legendary vampire Strahd von Zarovich.

Strahd explained that the multiverse was in peril, and that in accordance with a wish spell he was here – and that the heroes were needed.

Strahd led them up the steps – Bruilinde, notably, trying to get an eyeful of the eternally handsome vampire from behind – and the group passed into the Infinite Staircase, a demiplane that held doors to many different planar realms. After deflating Bruilinde’s confidence with a few well-timed insults, Strahd vanished.

The heroes were attacked by drow, accompanied by elementals. Still wounded grievously from the Blood War skirmish, the adventurers ran through the closest door. The door led to Yggdrasil, the world tree, and scores of Ratatoskrs looked at them curiously.

Part II

In Yggdrasil, the group met some ratatoskrs who gave helpful advice. The group had a choice. Go down and talk to the trolls, or go up and talk to a mysterious lady.

The group went up, and the lady turned out to be the goddess Selune herself. Selune explained that a god-thing was going to devour the multiverse. The group’s job was to create a “fake” duplicate multiverse, so that the god-thing would devour that instead of the real one. In order to do this, the heroes would need to travel to the Astral Plane and place a magical orb in the ear of a slumbering god golem linked to the legendary lich, Acererak.

The heroes agreed to do this in exchange for a way to free Heinrich. Selune gave the heroes a magic key that would, in some way, help to free Heinrich under the right conditions.

The group were given a spelljammer pulled by four dragons, and on it they sailed the astral sea. They were accompanied by an agent of Selune’s named Artyom, a cleric of the goddess.

The Heroes were attacked by a band of drow led by a lich. They had a hard time fending off the villains, but ultimately won out thanks to a number of effective counterspells cast by Artyom, a hallucinatory terrain from Bruilinde, a magic circle from Shallot, and Odos straight up jumping onto a dragon.

From there, the adventurers found their way to the god golem, and saw that it had both the eye and the hand of vecna attached to it. Bruilinde crept close and place the orb into its ear. The golem did stir as the bard approached, but the task was still successful.

With the task completed, the four weary heroes returned to Selune and were given the key. Then they were shunted back to the Nine Hells, into the very Hellfire Engine from whence they came. However, they were now once again three, and no gnome was in sight.

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