Return to Greyhawk – Ep. 23: The Horde

As the heroes recover from their fight with the boneclaw, Nilly and Kallic both recall childhood stories of similar creatures and the horror they inspired. Merrick takes a few moments to converse with Nehiri about her past, and the group settles down to sleep.

Kallic urges his sister to go visit with Alesa, and after arguing for a bit, she leaves their tent in frustration and ends up exactly where Kallic had suggested she go in the first place. Elara brings Alesa a small gift – the spellbook she took from the pack mule during the battle. Conversation quickly turns to flirting, and as Alesa pushes Elara back on the bed, the view shifts toward the moonlight in the dark and tender noises echoing across the camp.

Morning comes, Kallic wakes the group and they pack up for the long journey to Fort Bucknard. True to her word, Nehiri guides the group along the trail. They journey for days before they reach a great canyon – the Valley of the Jewel River, and the forces of the elven army can be seen preparing for their attack on the far side. They cross canyon via the recently-erected bridges, and are stopped midway by a the appearance of a hooded, dark robed figure.

The figure speaks to the group and pulls back her hood, revealing herself to be a tiefling. She speaks directly to Merrick, speaking to him as an ally and revealing that she also works with his mistress Iggwilv. At the mention of Iggwilv, Merrick flies into a rage and charges at the woman. Behind the group, Kallic and Archelaus see another boneclaw materialize on the bridge.

There is a brief scuffle with the hooded figure, then Archelaus hits her with such force that he sends her careening off the bridge into the raging river below. The group turns to focus on the boneclaw, who has manages to grapple both Nilly and Kallic into the air. After a few more solid blows, the boneclaw drops them both, sending Kallic off the side of the bridge and Nilly flying into the rapids below. Alesa causes the boneclaw to laugh uncontollably, allowing Merrick and Elara to finish it off. Nilly casts Dimentional Door on herself, porting back to the bridge in a deluge of water, then helps Kallic back up as well. A little worse for wear, they proceed into the elven encampment.

The group is brought to meet Captain Lemuel, commander of the elven forces in Elmaewynn’s stead. Nehiri introduces the group to him, and Elara steps forward to speak for the group and attempt to find out if her mother is still alive. Captain Lemuel remarks that she might be, but the army has a desperate need of the party as well in the upcoming skirmish..

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