Return to Greyhawk – Ep. 24: The Battle of Beauthiel

Captain Lemuel asks that the party act as a strike force during the skirmish. There are some strategic elements he needs a small party to complete, and these elements may turn the tide of the battle. The party begrudgingly agrees, as Elara’s mother may be found in the ruins that the battle will be taking place upon.

With time for only a short rest, the party is provided with a small amount of healing potions. Suddenly, a horn is blown and the camp begins to empty, with the elven forces marshalling toward the battlefield. Lemuel catches up to the group as they travel and provides the party with their missions. They are wide and varied, with reconnaissance, surgical strikes, anti-artillery and assassinations among them. Last of all, the banners of the elven army need to be raised in the ruins. Overwhelmed, the party agrees and upon arriving at the battlefield, strikes out on the recon mission.

Archelaus, Nilly and Elara take point, moving quietly through the underbrush and tree lines, looking for a vantage point to spot the orcish army. As they move, three goblins drop from nearby trees and move to sound alarms with the army. Not surprisingly, they are quickly overtaken and killed. After getting a visual on the enormous army, the group reports back to Lemuel.

With an almost silent call, the elven armies take the field and the party follows, splitting to try and accomplish two missions at once – the slaying of a general and the taking of the ballistae to decimate the orcish force of wyverns in the sky. Above the battlefield, an elvish woman appears on a pegasus, singing an inspiring song of battle to bolster the elvish forces.

Elara, Archelaus, Nilly and Alesa begin to engage the orcish general while Kallic and Merrick work on the ballista with the help of Alesa’s dragon, Tigh. A rallying cry within the orcish forces strikes fear into the elves, and as one small force turns in retreat, Nilly inspires them to stay and fight! The fight continues, and an elven warrior is struck by a ballista bolt. Elara moves to stabilize him and get him back on his feet. Archelaus brings his keen fighting skills to bear on the general and strikes a killing blow, sending the orc to the ground in a heap. Just then, Nilly is also struck by a ballista bolt, sending her flying backward and skidding to the ground as the battle rages around the party…

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