Return to Greyhawk – Ep. 25: Tears of Ehlonna

As Merrick and Kallic fight to control the ballistae, Kallic fires one of them at the orc mage across the battlefield, striking him hard enough to take him off his feet. At that same moment, tragedy strikes the elven forces as Captain Lemuel is mounting a griffin and taking to the sky. He is stuck by a ballista bolt, knocking him from his mount and sending him plummeting to the ground.

Elara runs to Lemuel’s broken body, takes up his sword and amulet and raises them high, yelling words of inspiration to the elven forces and preventing a panicked retreat. Moving swiftly across the field, Archelaus engages the orc cleric, pummeling him to the ground in a stunning flurry of blows. As the cleric hits the ground, a massive fireball blows into the orc forces, courtesy of Alesa. Bodies go flying through the air and the chaos gives Alesa a wicked grin as the explosion subsides. Noticing the cleric stunned, she also flicks a firebolt his way, catching him aflame as he struggles to rise.

Merrick and Kallic fire the ballistae at the wyverns, missing terribly as a booming command issues forth from the ruins. The orcs respond by focusing their archers fire, and their arrows fell a large swath of the elvish forces. With arrows raining down around her, Elara looses two crossbow bolts at the struggling cleric and puts him down permanently. Sprinting across the field once again, Archelaus brings his arts to bear on the orc mage, and snaps his neck with a well-placed blow.

Without warning, a number of elves trigger a orc trap in the fields, and they are skewered by punji sticks exploding from the ground. A small force of orcs pours from the ruins toward the ballistae as Merrick and Kallic continue to try to fell wyverns with little success. Merrick turns the ballista on an orc commander in the ruins, and as he falls, a contingent of goblins sees that and flees the field in panic.

Crossbow bolts tear through the air, and a wyvern falls courtesy of well places shots by Elara. As Alesa causes another wyvern to crash laughing to the ground, a hush falls over the field. Turrosh himself, commander of the orcish forces, has taken the field. Mounting a large wyvern, he soars out over the field, causing the army of orcs, hobgoblins and beasts to rally and push forward! The elves, sensing their defeat, begin to retreat as the party tries to push forward into the ruins. Kallic, Nilly and Merrick grab one of the fallen elves and try to drag her to safety while Archelaus pursues two goblins into the ruin and follows them into an ancient tunnel hidden behind some bushes, slaying them both.

Climbing to the top of a ruined wall, Kallic raises the elven standard, trying to get Turrosh’s attention. Failing to do so, Nilly convinces him to climb back down. Archelaus shows the party the tunnel, and they all proceed inside, with Elara leading the way. Merrick grows impatient and runs forward, triggering a pit trap and impaling himself on the spikes below…

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