Return to Greyhawk – Ep. 26: The Lost City

With the help of Nilly and Kallic, Merrick is pulled up out of the pit trap he triggered, and Elara scouts ahead. She notes some tombs and statues, then sees a fire burning in an adjacent room, with two dog-looking creatures chained on the other side. As she moves closer, she herself triggers a trap in the doorway and a spinning blade gashes her leg as she tries to avoid it.

Bleeding, Elara hears a quivering male voice inquire if someone is there. She answers, trying to determine if this is friend or foe. Elara whistles for her brother, and Kallic responds, bringing the group forward to meet her. Alesa lags behind, examining the tomb, sarcophagi and statues.

As the group enters the chamber, the dog-like creatures begin barking and snapping their jaws. Kallic approaches them and calms them with a spell and some rations from his pack. Archelaus moves to a nearby chamber and notes a large statue of an elven woman, and a large stone disc inset into the floor with runes around it. Two more dog-like creatures are chained here as well and begin barking.

Nilly, Merrick and Elara move into the opposite chamber and find a man chained to the wall. Thin and studious, he is surrounded by notes and paperwork while the body of a woman lies on a nearby stone table. Approaching the body, Merrick and Elara are saddened to see that it appears to be the remains of Elara’s mother, Elmaewynn. Merrick moves to keep the chained man quiet while Elara examines the body, then Nilly offers Elara the chance to speak to her mother’s sprit. Elara agrees, and Nilly asks the spirit of Elmaewynn five questions on Elara’s behalf.

Elmaewynn’s spirit responds that she left a daughter with Sylric Kelm, but doesn’t know her name. Elara finds out that she was left behind to hide a larger secret – that Sylric was the consort of the Queen herself. The spirit reveals that she thought of her daughter frequently, and loved her even thought she had to give her up, and that she was at peace. Elara takes her mother’s cold hand and places it on her chest, eyes brimming with tears while her face shows clear signs of anger and sadness.

In another chamber, Alesa finds that the tomb appears to be one created to honor the elven goddess Ehlonna and her followers, and that one of Elhonna’s guardians was laid to rest in the tomb as well. Archelaus comes to speak with her briefly and reunite her with the group.

Nilly goes to get Kallic, warning him of what he will find when he sees Elara. Elara tells Kallic everything, including the fact that they may not be related; that Sylric may not be Elara’s father. They share a tender moment in affirming their kinship, regardless of blood relation. To make it official, Elara cuts her palm and Kallic does the same, mixing their blood with a handclasp and embrace. The decision is made to put Elmaewynn’s remains in the stasis necklace for later burial on the surface.

The gaunt researcher is questioned and reveals he was researching lost Suel cities in the Suss Forest. He came upon these ruins and found evidence of them being used as a facade to hide a Suel temple to the Chained God, Tharazdun. The party releases the researcher, whose name is given as Borkat. In the other room, Kallic apologizes to Nilly for striking her, she seems to forgive him and the two share a quiet musical moment together.

Moving across the fire-lit chamber, Archelaus leads Elara, Alesa, Merrick and Boras to the chamber with the stone disc. Borkat examines the disc and finds writing mentioning a key to releasing the World Eater, and a small indentation in the middle of the disc. Alesa thinks that the phylactery containing Kallic’s mother may be the key, but then remembers that he has a black stone in his possession that may fit. As Alesa confronts Kallic, he shows the stone to the party and admits having kept it back in Dorakaa.

Moving into the room with the disc, Kallic warns the group to stand back, as he does not know what will happen when he places the stone in the disc. They back off and the disc sinks into the ground and slides away, revealing a stairway spiraling into darkness. Kallic descends downward, taking the stone back from the disc and warning everyone to keep their distance. The stairway ends in a long hallway, which ends in a chamber lined in old chains, with circles of runes in the floor centered around a chained circle in the middle. Kallic enters the middle circle, and as he does, a door swing open at the far end of the chamber, and a large spectre made of chains floats toward him and stands there, waiting…

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