Secrets of Castle Greyhawk Episode 1

Four heroes happened to converge at the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk at the same time. They were:

  • Salem Kane: A rogue linked to a circus situated just outside of the Free City of Greyhawk.
  • Gundar: A surly dwarven cleric.
  • Gus: A somewhat demented, fungus-obsessed svirfneblin.
  • Aurora: A noble paladin full of righteousness.

The Entrance: All of the heroes had come to the castle in hopes of gaining treasure and fame. There were two dead elves in the ruins. Clearly,someone had been here, recently. They would soon learn that these elves were slain by a legendary mercenary known as Warduke.

The heroes cautiously made their way down to the door that served as the entrance to the dungeon property. A magic mouth appeared on it and spoke: “Both great treasure and terrible danger await, so you must gain the one while cheating the other!

The Dungeon: Going inside, the group entered into a room with silver writing on the walls – the names of all who had been killed in the dungeon. They saw a pair of goblins fighting a hook horror. The adventurers helped the goblins and killed the horror. They befriended the goblin that was still conscious. His name was Hustlenut.

The Jeweled Man: From there, the heroes were brought to the lair of the goblins – a vast cavern full of glowing crystals. The goblin queen thanked the heroes and allowed them to stay among the goblins. The group learned that the goblins had a prisoner – a man made of solid gold, encrusted with gems. The goblins said that Warduke had attacked the man and stole one of his gems. This had weakened the man, and the goblins captured him.

The goblins planned to sell the man to an evil dwarf named Obmi. Salem instantly knew that she wanted to free the Jeweled Man. She huddled up with the group to form a plan….

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