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Bruilindë Vilyandil

Hailing from the Archclericy of Veluna, Bruilindë Vilyandil is a wandering bard of dubious morals and questionable taste. Slow to trust, but fiercely loyal to those she chooses to call friends, she traveled from city to city seeking adventure, challenge, and excitement. Haunted by past failure, she chooses to walk the planes to correct her mistakes. Played by Kelli (TheOperaGeek)
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Heinrich Madson

Heinrich is an old warrior in his mid 50s. Honorable and dedicated to his comrades and his missions. Used to commanding troops and crew he looks for opportunities to fight cohesively together, while hoping desperately for a reunion with his long-lost family. Played by Sean O. who can be found streaming at
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Lux Aleltesh

Lux Aleltesh is not the hero type. Born and raised as an assassin and thief in the Scarlet Brotherhood, Lux has little time for dreams of adventures and saving the world. But after the failure of her final heist, Lux was branded a traitor to the Brotherhood and the Suel. Now with little choice but to go where the winds take her - as long as it’s away from the Brotherhood - Lux finds herself walking the Path of the Planes... Played by Cem (Elly)
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Odos Telicanthus

A githzerai monk who grew up in the plane of Limbo among others of his kind, he left his home city of Zerthadlun & never returned. Now, he wanders the planes, drinking a githzerai liquor known as fekk & studying the unbroken circle of Zerthimon. Like all gith, Odos despises slavery. When sober, he is quiet and angry. When drunk, Odos is prone to showing off. Played by Sean M. - PowerScoreRPG
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