Vile & Villainous Episode 11

We return to see the party is still inside a dark chamber, listening to the noise coming from the other side. Matthias turns to the party and asks if they want to continue, he reminds Shayreen that she is not … Read More

V&V Ep. 10

We see the party is still inside the temple of Glasia. The Priestess Shaerine, a beautiful woman in chains and a shackled collar around her scarred neck, agrees to show the party a way through the temple. She is intrigued … Read More

V&V Ep. 9….Memories

As the party leaves the battle, they gather above the city gate. The lights and sounds remind Krisztian of a memory… —-*memory* There is a young boy looking at him, beaming as he does so. He playfully tells him of … Read More

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