Vile & Villainous Episode 11

We return to see the party is still inside a dark chamber, listening to the noise coming from the other side. Matthias turns to the party and asks if they want to continue, he reminds Shayreen that she is not … Read More

V&V Ep. 10

We see the party is still inside the temple of Glasia. The Priestess Shaerine, a beautiful woman in chains and a shackled collar around her scarred neck, agrees to show the party a way through the temple. She is intrigued … Read More

V&V Ep. 9….Memories

As the party leaves the battle, they gather above the city gate. The lights and sounds remind Krisztian of a memory… —-*memory* There is a young boy looking at him, beaming as he does so. He playfully tells him of … Read More

Ep 7: Visions

Mavari, Krisztian, Matthias, and Xilphiir are under pressure to decide on their next course of action. They are still in the temple, and know that others are aware that something is amiss. Krisztian asks Matthias if they should continue on, … Read More

Ep 6: The Nerull’s Basement

We find the party in the Swinging Scythe tavern, save for Krisztian, who is on his way back to the Tavern after scoping out the Temple. Matthias continues to converse with the strange man with “unique” interests. We discover that … Read More

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