This show is for mature audiences only as it follows the adventures of a band of villains.  And villains use incredibly fowl language....and kill things in very violent manners...and make all sorts of carnal references.

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Captain Mavari Blight

Captain Mavari Blight is a pirate best known around Whyestil Lake for getting rare and unique items for her clients, though the name Captain Blight is well known throughout the region. She is always accompanied by her mechanical parrot named Maggie. Mavari is played by Deven Rue.
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Xilphiir has a thirst for vengeance that will only be satiated by power, pure and unbridled. After being disgraced and banned from her home in the Underdark, she has sworn an oath that she will one day be powerful enough to slaughter the Priestess and prove herself to Lolth. Played by Raven O’Hara.
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Krisztián Orsós

Krisztián Orsós, son of Mihály, has walked the thin line of sanity his entire life. Being raised as a caretaker of forbidden tomes has touched his mind and skewed his perception of reality, leaving him haunted by visions of the Far Realms and everything in between. To defend himself he has trained, taking to the wilds, finding work wherever he could. Life in the wilds can make a man strange, and Krisztián is an odd-one. Hunters, farmers, and wild-folk know him as the Sewn One; for he has been patched together by hasty hands and is liable to burst. Played by Grant Ellis.
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Cold, hard, playful, ruthless, and Calculating, all of these and more can describe Matthias, a pale red-headed man of unknown age, a warlock with the darkest of patrons but in reality he only really serves himself, hailing from a small village somewhere near the Free Borough there is a legend, that when a certain village burnt down to ash there was more than just lives lost that night, they say an angel lost their wings too. Played by Pr0restarter
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V&V Ep 4: Evil Calls to Evil

The episode begins with Matthias, Krizstian, and Mavari aboard her family’s pirate ship, The Scarlet Revenge, propelled by a large tentacled creature living in the lowest deck and seemingly gives them safe passage within the lands of Luz.  In the … Read More

Our story begins…

The city of Dorakka was in sinful anticipation as the rites of Ooze was about to happen, and the Bone Citadel was the place to be for all your sinister delights.  Yet Matthias found a lack of revelry and a … Read More

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