V& V Episode 13

We return to the scene where a blood pact is made between Matthias and Xilphiir. Mavari watches in amusement before awkwardly hopping into the teleportation circle that Shayreen opened. Portenta attempts to convince Matthias to join her on the filthy bed that lies on one side of the room. He ignores her advances and continues to search the room for artifacts. Xilphiir waits for the succubi to enter the portal and then follows behind them.

Shayreen, arriving to their desitination first, is greeted by a priest and acolytes. The priest is Legent Leneer, the secret high priest of Glasia, and Shayreen knows he is not to be trusted though she is more powerful than he. She asks him to leave the portal open until others pass through, but to close it once a drow enters, intentionally leaving Matthias behind. They oblige and deactivate the teleportation circle after xilphiir arrives. She joins the others and legent leneer asks about Shayreen’s intentions in the temple. She is secretive but says that she has brought new converts to Glasia, pointing at the women she took from the Hierarch’s chamber. Xilphiir adds that the succubi are a gift to Glasia and that they should be taken away. Mavari asks about Matthias and Shayreen says that she believes it would be beneficial for one of us to sneak to the portal in secret and open it while no one is watching so that we have someone who can freely roam the temple without raising any questions. Mavari and Xilphiir are confused, but listen as she gives instructions on how to activate the portal. We see Matthias in the Hierarch’s chamber, attempting to step inside. His feet meet the hard cold floor and he first assumes we’ve all been killed, but then realizes he’s been cut off intentionally. He opens a book and tries to figure out a way to summon his own portal to get out of the falling temple. He can hear the battle nearing him with every second.

Within a few minutes, Xilphiir is able to sneak away from the others and open the circle for Matthias to enter. He hears a slight change in the environment of the room and looks over to see the portal is once again active. He glances towards a giant box in the center of the room and decides to open it before he enters the portal. Inside he finds a corpse with two large gems in each eye socket which he uses the cadaver’s hands to scoop out, a black box, and six gold bars. He wraps it all in a tapestry and rushes into the portal. Once through, he sees the other’s and Shayreen speaks up first, informing him of her plan to have him able to roam the temple freely. He is unamused and irritated that he was left behind, unclear as to why it was necessary. They debate on wether the large bag in Matthias’s hands is part of Shayreen’s promised bounty and Matthias asks where his succubi have gone. Xil lies and says that she doesn’t know. Matthias is beyond angry at this and turns into a vaporous mist and makes his way to where they said the exit was. Xilphiir and Mavari turn invisible and follow behind Shayreen as they go down the hall to the banquet room, noticing Matthias’ gaseous form floating above them. The priest insists that they visit a particular tavern when they leave. They exit through a secret corridor that leads outside into the city and Mavari and Xilphiir quickly disguise themselves as humans do they can walk through the city without drawing attention to themselves.

Matthias watches as they leave and goes in the opposite direction to rest and inspect his findings. Xilphiir, shielding her eyes and squinting from the sun, insists that they get inside somewhere quickly. Mavari, using one of her special red cards, is able to find an old family friend who knows the exact tavern in town they can go to without being bothered. She offers him a card and it is understood that this means that she owes him a favor. The party, except Matthias, follows the directions the man gave and find the tavern he spoke of. A woman greets them at the entrance and tries to persuade them that this isn’t the type of tavern three lonely women should find themselves in. Mavari holds up her red card and the woman understands. She tells Mavari that they will not be bothered inside and that she will have have whatever she needs at her disposal. They enter and seat themselves at a table. A lovely barmaid approaches and serves them. Mavari pays her a gold coin to employ someone to find Matthias, offering more once he has been found. As they start to decide on what to do with the Helm, Xilphiir’s locket to Potch begins to vibrate and buzz. Xilphiir ignores it and Mavari and Shayreen suggest she alter the deal before agreeing to hand the Helm over. Xilphiir is unsure of what to do and opens the locket. She lets Potch know they have changed their deal and if he wants the Helm he needs to agree to new terms. Mavari sounds off a list of demands and desires until Potch, frustrated, cuts the connection.

Mavari, Xilphiir, and Shayreen discuss what they will do now that they have angered the hand of Iuz. We see Matthias in a dark room inspecting his loot. As he assesses his gold and gems he feels a presence inside of his head. The voice of Potch rings in his ears. Potch asks what is happening and where his Helm is. Mathias responds that he is not with the others and that the Helm was taken from him. Potch demands that Matthias kill Xilphiir and get the Helm.

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