Vile & Villainous Ep. 2 – The Scarlet Revenge

When we last left our players they were in hot pursuit of a group of interlopers who fled into the sewers.  Krizstian used his keen tracking skills to follow the trail and the party progressed onward.  After a bit of walking, they came upon a chamber with slain bodies and a lone, old guard sleeping on his watch.  Some swift action and Matthias had the man talking, telling the party all he knew.  Tired of hearing the man ramble, Mavari fired her crossbow at him, leaving no doubts about how she felt about the situation.  An argument ensued between Matthias and Krizstian regarding the manner with which beings should die at their hands and Mavari chimed in to settle the dispute.  Tensions running high, Krizstian presses forward with Matthias quickly following only to awaken a Chain Devil.  Mavari takes a devastating hit and passes out while the rest of the party finished off the creature.  Revived but no less pissed off, they continue hunting the other party.

During exploration of the area, Matthias discovers two unusual stones and is momentarily enthralled with the first one, before putting it in his pocket, and the second one was put into Mavari’s bag.

Eventually the group, having encountered no other foes in the sewer, end up the bottom of a deep, long, slick shaft. They send Maggie, Mavari’s mechanical parrot, up with a rope to tie it off, allowing them to scale the shaft with ease.  Well, except for Matthias who had a bit of a difficult start but eventually made his way up.

Emerging on the grounds of the Blackhale Manor, the group startled (more than once) Allusia, owner of the property.  Discovering their query had rooms at the manor, some coin was exchanged, information was gathered and Matthias departs to the Bone Palace with a young lady who spoke with those the group is hunting.  Asha, Mavari & Krizstian remain at the manor to gather more clues, drink some ale, and see what trouble they can get up to.

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