Vile & Villainous Ep. 3 – Betrayal, Backstabbing, and… Boats?

Matthias leaves the Blackhale Manor with Cosette, a servant girl, and leads her to the Bone Palace where he believes vital information can be extracted from the young girl’s mind.  Upon entering the palace, Matthias is quickly met by Yusdrayl who is eager to know the outcome of his investigation. With a few words exchanged between the two, Matthias quickly sees his opportunity and sets his plan into action!  Wasting no time, Matthias drags the girl toward General Ugrunnd who is nearby lecturing a huge brutish creature on the importance of staying at one’s post. Matthias begins to explain the evidence he and his team found, the girl’s significance, and Yusdrayl’s involvement with the infiltrators. (see return to Greyhawk for information on that)  Ugrunnd, hearing Yusdrayl’s name, tells Matthias to quickly head to the throne room and tell High Priest Paach the same information then, while leaping over both Matthias and a worried Cosette, races to catch a now fleeing Yusdrayl.


At the Blackhale Manor Allusia is discussing with Asha, Mavari & Krizstian when or if Cosette will be returning and in what capacity.  A reassuring debate about the usefulness of Cosette or Cosette’s parts (if she were to return in many) and the offer of aid by Asha and her necromantic abilities seemed only to worsen Allusia’s already worried state as he begins to ask the group if his close friend Yusdrayl is really in trouble as Matthias seemed to hint.  This line of questioning was quickly shot down by Mavari, with his questions somewhat answered Allusia offered his Manor and his services to everyone before departing himself. Now alone at the Manor Krizstian wastes no time before searching the place for any clues and secrets. While he does that, Mavari confers her suspicions about Krizstian to Asha and his strange timing.  Krizstian finds footprints left by infiltrators and begins tracking them and leaving the Manor and Marvari quickly sends Maggie, her parrot construct, along with him.


In the throne room of the Bone Palace Matthias drags Cosette in front of the High Priest Paach and High Priestess Althea before bowing low himself.  The throne room covered in blood, bile and steaming entrails from the ritual before seemed to only worsen Cosette’s already feared and frantic mind. Matthias began to relay his findings to Paach and Althea, and after hearing Yusdrayl’s involvement Althea wasted no time in dragging Cosette away telling the young girl she would learn new ways of being honest.  With the girl taken away, Paach demanded to hear the finer details of the investigation to which Matthias spoke of the red circle glyph, the chain construct and the bodies of the bone heart priests as well as the blackstone that Mavari and Krizstian found, keeping the blackstone he found a secret. With this new revelation Paach leaned close to Matthias telling him that The Old One did not need to know about such things until more information could be found and that he should keep the stone as more maybe needed since stones call to stones.  With that Paach offered Matthias the chance to work for him as an agent, stating he should to go to Delaquenn and wait for further instructions as he may be needed in Molag.


Krizstian unable to trace the infiltrators, headed back to the Blackhale Manor, where Matthias had also returned.  With the group back together, Matthias began explaining how their first job was a success and their next job would be just as lucrative and successful.  As the finer details were being discussed, the group was assaulted by shadowy fiends and a frantic Allusia! With coordinated attacks, the group was able to defeat their would-be attackers.  Battered and bruised, the group made their way to Mavari’s ship, The Scarlet Revenge, and onto Delaquenn.


Thus ends our Villains tale in Dorakaa, for now, what adventure awaits them in Delaquenn? Tune in next time to find out!

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