Vile & Villainous – Ep 8: Molag

Krisztian places his hand on the seeing orb once again and his vision is taken, he is suddenly in a large chamber and a being wrapped in tattered rotting cloth with two large horns protruding from its head walks in, moving and groaning further into the chamber it begins to chant a strange incantation as acolytes enter the chamber with a young man chained and beaten, the creature mutters something to the acolytes and one by one they leave the room and as the door clicks and locks, the creature stands, stretches and pulls at its head, removing it completely, revealing underneath an old human man and as he holds this seemingly strange horned mask in his hands he stares at the young man, with a hunger. Vision returns to Krisztian and unsure of what he saw asks Matthias if he understands the visions meaning, but unable to grasp it either Matthias instead puts his hand back on the orb asking to see the leaders of the Horned Society, and his vision is taken too, and as Matthias’s vision clears he sees a bed chamber with three different strange horned masks and in a beds sleeping are three old men and as Matthias’s mind clears and he is once again in the temple of Nerull he stops his hand returning to his side and places it back on the seeing orb and asks in his mind show me Mykiel, and suddenly Matthias sees vibrant light piercing through clouds and a mass of undulating colors and with a sense of fear and almost panic Matthias feels a presence, and in the darkness maybe even in Matthias is own mind he sees eyes staring back at him and just before the connection is broken the strange figure says “Matthias,” and Matthias returns to the chamber with Krisztian who asks how they should leave the Temple of Nerull, together or alone, they decide to use their own talents to escape, Krisztian being ethereal and stepping through the stone itself and Matthias turning into mist and escaping through the smallest cracks, and both head to The Scarlet Revenge where Mavari and Xilphir are waiting.

Everyone once again united on The Scarlet Revenge the Imp who helped distract the priest and the flesh golem back at the Temple of Nerull is now hanging from the rafters mumbling and bumbling with itself comically, Matthias waste no time and writes a new contract and the imp signs adding one more member to this unlikely group, once that was done, Matthias and Krisztian then explain to Xilphir and Mavari what they found out with the seeing orb, and with that Xilphir takes out her locket and contacts Paach, who does not seem completely happy with the groups performance but with the core information gathered he issues a new opportunity to Xilphir and in turn the group, they are to travel by boat to Molag and meet him and High General Sindol and the legion of black death and do a few missions while the war rages, everyone agrees to help Xilphir, as the conversation slows down Krisztian takes the moment to magically bond with a seagull and imbues it with a message, while Mavari asks both her parents to join her in her cabin and informs Captain Blight they will be sailing to Molag and that in fact he may appear as captain it is, in fact, her ship and she is the true captain aboard, and even though they may not get a large payout information is more import Blight moans at Mavari but agrees. Sometime after on the boat in the dead of night Matthias brings the imp to the top deck and informs it to find a man by the name of Master Two ball and Matthias turns his face to look like the man and tells the Imp to head to the ShieldLands and it flys off, after a week Xilphir asks for a meeting with everyone and tells them the reasons she is working with Paach is because she upset the high priestess of the underdark with a small remark about her appearance and as revenge plucked out Xilphirs eye, and as she shows the group her empty eye socket she tells them how she needs their help to achieve her goal of revenge.

Arriving at Molag everyone can see large forces of orcs and flying creatures overhead, as the ship docks, an orc approaches asking what business they have and is quickly panicked when he hears the name Paach and leads the group to his tent, inside are a number of orcs looking over a map with one large orc who speaks only at a whisper and the orcs stop and listen transfixed on the large orcs words, as Paach speaks up to Xilphir and Matthias and tells them he wants them to obtain certain objects within the city before the army breaks through, at that moment Sindol walks into the tent and instructs the group that they will need to do a number of tasks to make sure the siege goes on without a hitch and tells them the assault is in the morning. That morning the battle rages on both forces of demon and fiend clash and as Krisztian, Xilphir, Matthias and Mavari charge forward toward the keep…

Thus ends Episode 8 of Vile & Villainous Molag

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