Vile & Villainous Episode 11

We return to see the party is still inside a dark chamber, listening to the noise coming from the other side. Matthias turns to the party and asks if they want to continue, he reminds Shayreen that she is not obligated to follow beyond this point. Everyone agrees to continue on and Xilphiir and Mavari are suddenly less hostile towards Shayreen which is startling to everyone else. Matthias sends his Spector through the door to attack whatever threat lies on the other side. The party waits but it never returns. Mavari thinks that the sounds coming from the other side are an illusion. At this, they open the door and Matthias quickly pops his head out. He sees no one and calls to his Spector back to him. Shayreen informs everyone that the room was used for sexual purposes for the Hierarchs. There is a peep-hole in the wall where they’re able to look into the next room. They see an altar, 7 robed figures, and two women adding oils to a fire. Mavari inspects some vials that are in the room and takes them all. Matthias, with Shayreen’s keen eye for details, changes his appearance to look like one of the hierarchs he had seen in his vision and Xilphiir makes herself appear like one of the winged-succubi. They enter and understand that there is some sort of ritual happening. Matthias takes lead through the door and the group follows behind, making a show of it. He urges everyone to work faster. In a hurried attempt to oblige the Hierarch they fly through the entrance to complete their work, bumping into Xilphiir on their way out. Xilphiir, caught in a swirling wind of flight and motion, has a flashback to a memory of Eclavdra being pulled from her arms. Forgetting herself, she screams “NO” and begins thrashing about uncontrollably. Mavari, thinking quickly, moves to kick Xilphiir in the knees so that she falls to the floor as an insubordinate. Shayreen casts Silence on Xilphiir so she is quieted. Mavari drags Xil’s body to the side of the room. Shayreen calls one of the succubi over but Matthias is irritated since they are all under contract to him. Meanwhile, Xilphiir snaps back to reality and tugs on Mavari’s shirt to let her go. Xilphiir moves away and Mavari has a memory of her mother releasing her from a tight hug. Matthias and Shayreen try to figure out what is happening with the ritual occuring, and Shayreen summons a demon. She cuts it’s throat and fills a ceremonial bowl with it’s blood. Xil and Mavari make their way to a door and Mavari quickly opens the door, peeks into it, and closes it back shut. Suddenly, before Shayreen and Matthias, a heap of bones takes shape & solidifies into a large skeletal creature. The acolytes moan in fear. Matthias remembers moaning as a child, running through the woods. He remembers hearing his mother’s voice call after him, eventually catching up to him, and her claws digging into his chest. He pushes the memory away. Matthias looks at Shayreen and casually says, “Kill them then.” The skeleton devil leaps from one acolyte to the other, shredding and biting their flesh as it moves. Once they are all dead, Shayreen proudly climbs atop her creation. Mavari enters the door behind her and opens a chest. She is flung against the wall by spikes and is badly hurt. Shayreen moves towards Mavari and heals her. The party moves into the next room and sees a massive bronze table in the center, inlaid with runes and the same horned insignia they’d seen in the other room with horned statues lining the walls. As they move, it seems as though the statues are activated by something and they begin to move. Xilphiir flies defensively to the ceiling, her back flat against it. Shayreen and Mavari are attacked by the first two stone figures and Matthias attempts to run across the table to the door. He is attacked by a statue as well. He attacks and climbs back onto the table. The statues stop attacking. Xil, still flying above, notices that there is a helm-shaped depression in the table the size of her hand. She asks what they should do. Mavari suggests they fill it with blood, but they finally remember that there was something in the other room that had the same shape. Matthias enters the next room and sees the horned insignia on the floor. Xilphiir flies across the ceiling to grab it, returns, and places it in the depression. They see a pulse blink out from where the statues originally were. Confused, she takes it out of the depression and places it back in again. The statues return to their places. Shayreen enters the room with Matthias and immediately sees a secret indentation in the wall. She takes the insignia from Xilphiir and sticks it into the wall. Slowly, a statue moves to the side and reveals a secret door.

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