Vile & Villainous Episode 14

Matthias enters Mavari’s room and finds a note alongside the Helm, he touches the Helm and has a vision. His mind seems to be bigger, more aware. He sees Tybal, maybe he is Tybal. He’s speaking to someone. He switches his view and is someone else. He attempts to control the mind he is in, not sure if it successful. He removes the Helm and moves on to Xilphiir’s room. With a loud squish, he removes her only eye from her face, contacts Potch, and arranges to meet him.

Meanwhile, Shayreen is in her room toying with a piece of wax. She makes some sort of contraption while she researches how to summon demons. Stopping, she summons her abilities and reaches out to Glasia. She asks if she will be able to summon a demon, “Yes.” Can she trust the Regent, “No.” Should she dispose of him, “Unclear.” She hears his voice in her mind. It’s a booty call. She decides to spend the night with him, but has an idea as to what she will do. She goes to the temple and finds her Succubi first, asking her favored one to make sure to check on her in the morning in case something goes awry.

Matthias summons his Imp and the Succubi to join him in the agreed upon area where Potch will retrieve the Helm. He checks in on Xilphiir, who is waiting blindly in her room in darkness. She is scared, feeling vulnerable, and expresses this to Matthias. She nearly pleas and begs him to comfort her in as many words as she is able to despite her innate distrust of others. Matthias leaves and goes to a field, his imp and Succubi arriving just in time. Potch is irritated and makes this clear. He asks if Matthias is sure he wants to break their alliance together. A Baylor makes this meeting even more stressful in an attempt to convince Matthias that this is the wrong choice. Matthias is strong willed and has decided that this is what needs to be done. Afterwards, Matthias has a romp in the hay with his Succubi and spends the night enjoying their bodies.

Shayreen, in a dominating move, seduces the Regent while convincing him to sign a list of documents. He is oddly aroused by these forms and continues to sign blindly as Shayreen straddles his body and makes demands of him. She is pleased at her ability to put him into a state of stupidity.

Shayreen leaves in the middle of the night and returns to the Inn. She checks in on Xilphiir. Her eye has grown back into it’s socket and she seems to be in better spirits. She asks if Xil needs anything, and Xil says that she finds it strange that Shayreen has agreed to work with them considering the tension between her and Matthias the days prior. Shayreen tells Xil that she believes the group will be useful allies to her now that she has left the Temple of Glasia. They go to Matthias’ room and ask about the events of the evening. He tells them of the Baylor and they all agree that they need to get away from this place as soon as they complete their task. He mentions that Mavari has left and reads her note to them. Mavari has found news of where her brother may be and has promised that they will all meet again someday. Shayreen tells of her night and the progress she has made towards summoning a demon. Matthias is able to assist in this after reading about summoning demons and devils at an earlier time.

The party goes to the location Regent Linear had told them about. They disguise themselves as three lovely women who could pass as staff at the event that is taking place. They sneak upstairs and see the Regent. They know which room to enter. They sneak in and Shayreen begins summoning a large, putrid, grumbling demon. Matthias assists her so the process goes by faster, while Xilphiir tries to disguise the disgusting aroma invading the room.

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