Our story begins…

The city of Dorakka was in sinful anticipation as the rites of Ooze was about to happen, and the Bone Citadel was the place to be for all your sinister delights.  Yet Matthias found a lack of revelry and a more frantic mess, as it seems Vecna appeared at the ritual party and sent the guests into a panicked frenzy, or so it was being explained to Mattias by his Patron Yusdrayl. Not only that, but there had been murders in the Cells and the Holes of Despair, and that several high value prisoners had gone missing!  This set a spark for Yusdrayl who had his own questions about the situation and tasked Matthias to find 3 trustworthy and competent investigators who could look into this matter for him.  Matthias having a clear idea of who to ask, set off to find his contacts, heading straight to a little dive known as the Tusk.

The Tusk a sad little tavern few would admit to going too, it was just the place to have business in without having too many eyes upon you.  It was this place Mavari found herself discussing business with Asha, and apparently to enjoy Marvari’s favourite beer…of unlimited supply…from her alchemy jug.  It was this situation the barkeep sought right to change.  With a few choice words Mavari set the Ogre off on a little mission to find a sign outside that stated no outside drinks were allowed. With the door of the tavern open Krisztian, with amazing grace and stealth, entered and stood behind the bar.  So silent was he that he was able to surprise both Asha and Mavari!  But with the sudden appearance of Krisztian came another surprise, he handed Mavari a letter that stated he was in service to Mavari until a debt was paid.  While they discussed what that actually meant Matthias entered and offered all 3 of them the job of investigators, but kept the finer details to himself, for the time being.

After accepting the job, the group made their way back at the Bone Citadel.  Matthias briefly introduced his colleagues to Yusdrayl, who then wasted no time explaining the rest of the mission to Matthias.  He needed them to search the cells where the prisoners went missing to find out how they entered and who was directly involved, while staying undetected as the mission was not cleared by the higher ups. With that the team headed off to the Cells where they investigated a number of lower levels in the cell block.  Krisztian detailing and tracking different areas within the cells, Asha using the body parts of the dead to find answers, Mavari using her keen eyes to find secrets and hidden things within the area, and Matthias using his magical eye to find traces of magic left by the infiltrators.  The trail lead them down to the holding cells where a strange gnome-like creature was pulling his guts out onto the floor.  Krisztian seeing this, began to raise his crossbow to put the maddened gnome out of its misery, but Matthias quickly told him that their job was to investigate and not to harm any of the property inside the cells.  With Mavari’s final word Krisztian was persuaded to lower his weapon.  Matthias went to work healing the maddened gnome so he was fit enough to interrogate.  With Mavari’s help they were both able to find out that two drow, one human, and one orc, with a number of weapons between the friendly group came out of nowhere and ascended the stairs.  With this information the team began searching for hidden rooms or doors in the area and they quickly found a sewer grate ajar, and below were footsteps going deeper in.  The team thought this mission stank, and now for more reasons then one… to be Continued!

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